Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My First Time

Baby Z is just like her momma!!! A chocoholic!

Last night, for the very first time, I put some chocolate milk in her sippy cup after she'd finished dinner. I usually give her water... so she just took a little sip and put the cup down. Obviously it dawned on her that "that ain't no ordinary drink!" That was liquid M&M's! She devoured every last drop in seconds. I craved chocolate milk the entire time I was preggers with baby Z and now, she's a lover.

Another first for her happened this past weekend. We took her to her first Blazers hockey game. I wasn't sure how she'd react, but I kind of weighed more towards she'd enjoy the people. She had an absolute blast! She flirted with the drunk guys sitting behind us and played Hide N Go Seek with the girls a few rows back. She picked at the caulking in the seams of the floor and ate funnel cake. She was an absolute dream for being up 3 hours past her bedtime and being confined to our row of seats that whole time. I'd say she's a sports fan! A cheerleader in the making!? (hope not. I'd rather her play than cheer)

Baby Z watching the game

The Blazers


Grant said...

Remember, it's never too early to start her on Japanese food. Seriously, sushi is much healthier than funnel cake.

Kerry said...

It might be... but I can hardly stomach the seaweed or some of the twang that is in those rolls. I was able to choke some down once after I'd had a few drinks. I will share funnel cake with her easier than sushi. lol Japanese food is a work in progress.... for us :)

TC said...


With my sister-in-law, when she was pregnant with my nephew, she craved McDonald's. My nephew is obsessed with McDonald's. With my niece, she craved cake. My niece is obsessed with cake. It's passed along, I swear!!!!!

And hockey? It's never too early to introduce her to hockey :)

Angela said...

I can remember when we first gave chocolate milk to Gregory he would finish it in one gulp. He loved it. I guess it was almost like a drug. Oh chocolate is wonderful.

Glad she enjoyed the game.

Kerry said...

TC: That is so funny! With C, I craved water... and he will drink alot of water over anything else. With P I craved fruit. Any kind! He likes fruit over vegetables and has been known to just eat fruit for dinner. That is so funny how that works!

Angela: I think chocolate is addictive for sure!

Bone said...

She picked at the caulking in the seams of the floor and ate funnel cake.

I was the same way when I was a kid! Well, I ate the caulking and played with the funnel cake. But still.