Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Cruising Through

I'm back!

I'm not sure where to start in telling my travel story. I'm glad to be home though. It was fun to go, but it sure is a long trip and having so many time changes and traveling with your entire family plus being surrounded by so many Asian people who have no consideration for your personal space... wears on your last nerve. Grant, you'd love the Alaskan Cruise. They announced that there were 85 different nationalities on the ship and I bet 70% of the people were Asian.

The absolute best part of the trip was cruising Glacier Bay. Those big chunks of ice are amazing and alot bigger than you'd ever imagine. We were fortunate enough to watch huge chunks of ice falling into the ocean - they say they move 6 feet a day. At first we heard what sounded like a huge clap of thunder, and then you see 'dust' on the side of the glacier and then you see it hit the water and then you feel the ripples of waves. The environmentalist that was brought to the ship to describe and explain everything to us, said that the big piece that fell (that we saw) was the biggest he'd seen while doing these tours and none had moved a ship like this one had. It was so exciting. The water is smooth and calm and a murky green/gray color. We were in a huge glass of liquid refreshment with ice cubes.

I've got more to write later but i'm still diggin through hundreds of pictures. Here's a few!


TC said...

Isn't watching glaciers calve so amazing?!?! :-)


I can't imagine what doing that kind of a trip with your entire family would be like... I don't think I could handle it without going a bit coocoo O:)

Grant said...

That would be cool unless the glacier dropped a big enough piece to sink you all into the freezing briny deep. Really, what can you do on a boat you can't do on land except sink and be eaten by squid?

egan said...

Oh, you are back in town. Now you have an NBA team too. So cool.

Did the asians get to you? I've been to Portage Bay and not Glacier Bay. I got confused in my previous comment on your more recent post. Keep the pictures coming.