Monday, June 09, 2008

It's Raining Men!

I have been so neglectful of this blog... and even worse at catching up on my fellow bloggers sites. *begging forgiveness*

I have been seriously so busy with all our summer activities and the job and trying to train my bike butt. I have been able to sneak a few peaks at some of the posts... i'm trying to stay in the loop!

Sheri and I rode in the Red River Roadkill bike ride this past weekend. After doing Tour de Meers, the 30mph wind and winding hills around Lake Murray were nothing! We pumped those miles out like pros and were greeted with applause and whistles and we pedaled into the station at the finish line.

I'll see what pictures I have to post from there too.

We made a weekend of it and camped out at the lake... I have awesome pics of me and baby Z! My sweet hubby got some great pictures. He is so good about taking us out and doing photo shoots ;) I'll share those soon too. Right now the guys are all in the back room watching a Will Smith movie... so I gotta go. I love Will!

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