Tuesday, May 06, 2008

In the Saddle Again

I truly have Bikers Butt. Saddle Ass. Bruised Bike Butt Bone. Whatever you call it... I have it!

We rode 33 miles today in the flipping wind. For most of our trip "there" the wind was against us. We fought it uphill and downhill. When you go downhill you try to get as much speed as you can to push you up the next hill but today we couldn't get much speed built up because even on the "down" we were fighting the wind. So, the "ups" were HELL. One hill I almost climbed off my bike and walked it up.

We managed to increase our average speed... even with fighting the elements! Yeah!

I read online how to take care of your Saddle Ass. Put like Dr Scholls corn cushions on your Biker Butt the next time you ride, and it will help take pressure off that bone.

LMAO! Yeah, right.


グラント said...

Good work!

I haven't ridden a bike in a long time, but my butt adapted after awhile and no longer felt sore. Keep it up and you'll develop buns of steel as well.

Kerry said...

Thank you :)

Everyone keeps telling me my butt will adapt... but I'm not feeling the adaptation yet! lol