Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Wheels on the Bike

Cycling Update: I'm not riding today.

Yesterday my sis and I set out to go riding and our goal was 24 miles and to do it quickly so we'd still make Happy Hour at Sonic (my new rule is happy hour diet cokes only because they charge way to much for a drink there - when I can go to my local 7-11 and get a huge gallon for 99 cents or something). When we pulled up to the lake we saw that you could surf on those waves. Waves mean wind and LOTS of it! Determined, we geared up and headed out. OMG! At times you had to put 100% of your body weight to one side or another to keep yourself upright. If you didn't, the wind would knock the bike out from underneath you and you'd be out flat on the pavement.

We pushed along and about 1/2 way through we decided we're not doing 24 miles! lol We did finish with about 12 and 1/2. Not too bad considering the elements. Later in the evening, we found out the the boys in the bike club didn't go riding yesterday because of the wind. There were 40mph wind gusts and it was too much for them!

HA! The girls made it! We rode and the boys didn't. hahahahah


グラント said...

You should have just put the wind to your back and let it do all the work. Time to celebrate your hard work with a box of Twinkies and a case of beer!

Kerry said...

I'll take the case of beer! but pass on the Twinkies. I prefer Ding Dongs..never been a big Twinkie fan.