Thursday, August 02, 2007

Brainy Brouhaha

We endured a marathon departmental meeting yesterday afternoon that featured laughter, tears, pathos, and the very real threat of physical violence as a heated verbal argument escalated and came extremely close to breaking out into geek fisticuffs. Yes, Phoenix, I borrowed the cat pic from you. :) And that was between the gals! JK. Svetlana and I just looked at each other bug-eyed. It’s just a good thing the parties involved were seated at opposite ends of the room. ("R" may be humongous, but "M" looks like a feisty little scrapper.) To add to the mayhem, “L” bonked his noggin (hence the tears) on the large flatscreen dangling from the ceiling which provoked loud, spontaneous applause and cheers. Yep, we nerds are vicious and unsympathetic. ; ) He flipped us off under the table in response. As we exited the room, GFR pulled the ancient There’s Something on Your Shirt trick on Charlie Manson by telling him he had spilled mayo and when CM glanced down, flicked him on the nose. Only GFR could have gotten away with it. However the highlight of this bull session occurred when “L” pontificated on the evils of IMing and how this would be forbidden when our new policies and procedures go into effect only to show his laptop’s display screen with no less than three IM protocols up and running. To add to his embarrassment, “S” messaged “L” from his laptop thus popping up yet another incriminating rectangle. Ooops!

Recently, our darling CruiserMel over at Ramblings posted her selection in regards to her Dream Desk/Fantasy File/Vibra Vault. In no particular order here is my Top Ten list:

  • Mark Wahlberg. Eye candy in underwear.
  • Jon Stewart. Funny and smart. Dynamic dual combo.
  • John C. McGinley. Sarcasm, wit, smoking bod and my fav TV show all rolled into one.
  • Gary Sinese. Have to agree there. Didn’t notice him till "Forrest Gump" and I was smitten. Sexy as hell with or without legs.
  • Jay Hernandez. "Crazy/Beautiful" indeed.
  • Harrison Ford. Retains sexiness as he ages.
  • John Cena. I don’t watch wrestling crapola and I prefer him with a baseball cap and shirtless, but damn he’s fine.
  • Heath Ledger. Can’t resist a knight.
  • Tony Gonzalez. Which makes me favor the Chiefs after my Browns.
  • Colin Firth. Who can resist that British accent?
Former stirrings:
  • Fernando Allende from Flamingo Road. Watching him and Morgan Fairchild get steamy together is forever etched on my feverish brain. Damn he was hot! Whatever happened to him?
  • Vincent Spano in “Baby It’s You
  • Charlie Sheen. “Platoon,” “The Chase” Rwwwrrr.


Bone said...

“S” messaged “L” from his laptop thus popping up yet another incriminating rectangle.

Oh, that is classic. Sounds like good times in the ole office place. Although, somehow when I picture a catfight, the image you posted is not what I have in mind O:)

Kerry said...

dang! i'd love to see those two go at it physically! heheheh

CruiserMel said...

That meeting sounds like a hoot and a half! How do you keep a straight face during stuff like that?

Nice list, Circe. I need to find out who John C. McGinley is though.