Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Stuff Dreams are Made Of

If I slept two hours last night, it's a miracle. For weeks I've tossed and turned and not been able to get in good pillow time, but last night tops it all. I should have just stayed up and not even attempted to get shut eye.

First of all, I was asleep, awake, asleep, awake, etc all night. During the awakes I got up and went to pee, got a drink of water, and settled back in. During one of my asleep stages, I had the most horrible nightmare.

I'm a big fan of Notes from the Underbelly and last night it was a double-header. I watched both. So, makes sense that I'd dream about the show..... right!?!? In my dream I'm watching the show... actually I'm in the show, but not acting. Just kind of standing to the side watching Cooper (she cracks me up!) get chatty with Andrew and Lauren and then all of a freakin' sudden she turns around with a huge daggar and starts stabbing everyone! Now it's turned comedy to horror! She nailed someone, but i'm unclear as to who it was... but in real-life Kerry-land i'm screaming!!! That wakes me up... wakes Richard up... he pats me (his quiet way of making it all better) and whispers 'was it a nightmare!?'

Like you'd never imagine!

I laid there trying to recover... then I heard a noise. I tried to assess the location, but couldnt quite figure out whether it was inside or outside or down the street, heck for all I know it was across town and my supersonic bionic ears picked it up! I never did get back to sleep... until about ten minutes before my alarm went off.

So i'm draggin' butt today.


Richard said...

Yeah, it took me awhile to figure out what that wierd moaning/yelping was. Then I realized I was hearing you "scream" in a nightmare. ;)

Kerry said...

You poor thing. If it isnt one thing, its another. I'm either pushing you off the bed, shoving my pillow(s) in your face, peeing every 30 minutes or screaming and waking you up. Its preparation for a crying newborn ;)