Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Ice Ice Baby

Ok. I'm sick of the ice.

Today is way worse than yesterday. The highways are clear, but the side roads are total hell. What kind of melted yesterday and sat as water on top of the existing ice/snow, turned into a solid sheet of snotty looking ice and is slicker than snot! It took me 25 minutes to get out of our residential area and get on a major highway to get to work this morning. It normally takes me 5-10 minutes depending on traffic. The maximum speed was about 10mph which absolutely drives me nuts, but there is no way you dare go over that... you'd wind up in the ditch just like the little Pathfinder, Mustang, some sort of little 4-door sedan and truck that I saw.

Rumor has it that we're getting another dump from dear ol Mother Nature this weekend. Hopefully the temperatures will get high enough to melt some of this off!


Bone said...

Wow, it sucks that you couldn't call in. I remember it snowed here once and my trip to work, which normally took 45 minutes, took like three hours. Everyone was driving with two tires off in the grass for traction.

Be careful.

Kerry said...

Bone, I guess I could have called in but then that would dip into my vacation time and I dont want to do that! I think they should give you the time off. If the weather is so bad ... then we should have the option of staying home. I can work from home too.... so I wouldnt really have the day 'off'.

That would so suck to make a 3 hour drive. Hopefully you traveled during their time and not yours! ;)

Traveling Chica said...

I agree: be careful! Working from home should be an option that's used more often in my opinion. ;)