Sunday, November 26, 2006

It's Never Easy

As I previously mentioned, Richard and I avoided the public on Friday and opted to stay home and work around the house. After a few mishaps:

me stepping on a light, breaking it, picking up the string to put a new bulb in and it shocking the @#$! out of me (they were still plugged in); hanging lights all around the house only to come up about 4 feet short of finishing; readjusting half the lights to try to come up with the extra 4 feet; deciding 'screw it... we'll go buy more lights' and plugging them in where we stopped (to test the lights); finding that the outside outlet doesnt work; rerouting the extension cord thru the garage to test the lights; then finding about 1/3 of the string that shocked the @#$! out of me doesn't work and it's on the highest peak over the garage

We proudly displayed our lights on Friday night with a black space where the 1/3 of the string wasn't working, and then on Saturday, Richard and my dad replaced the bad string, added lights to finish out the house and checked out the outlet that isn't working. We now have working and completed christmas lights.

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Traveling Chica said...

They're pretty!